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Thanks for your interest in our team!  From our Redline-GTP mod roots we have a history of entering and finishing multiple car teams in endurance races which spans more than a decade. We know what it takes to still be competitive at the end of a 24 hour race. As such, we tend to be highly selective when it comes to welcoming new team drivers to the roster.

The FSB Endurance Racing Team is always looking for new members, but above all else identifying drivers that are a cultural fit for our organization is the most important selection criteria to us.  Our core values are non-negotiable and are expected of each and every driver on the team. It is that foundation which has made FSB stand out for over a dozen years.

Your license level, iRating and the number of races you have won is less important to us than your willingness to learn, to mentor other drivers, to join team practice sessions, to spot, to crew-chief, to work on set-ups and to be available during a race at a moment's notice to pitch in at 3 AM if and when needed.  We are in it for the long run. If you are just looking for a team to join in order to run a particular event, FSB is not the right team for you.

If you share our values and believe that you would make a great addition to our organization, please take a moment to read our MEMBERSHIP FAQ and then provide us with the information below:
  • Your official iRacing driver name
  • Your preferred name if different from above
    (i.e. "Bob" rather than "Robert.  No nicknames or handles)
  • Your phone number (cell # preferred) 
  • Your location and timezone
  • A password to use in our team discussion forum
  • A few sentences as to why you feel you would be a good fit for our team. (If you were recommended to the league by someone, please include the name of the team driver that referred you to us)