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FSBRacing.com is an on-line racing league that has been in operation since March of 2003, although its roots go back even further than that. Today FSB still thrives as one of the last remaining bastions of NASCAR Racing 2003 Season, the original software code base that evolved into iRacing. FSB is considered by many to be the foremost league for drivers of the Redline-GTP mod for NR2003.  The sportsmanship based and respectful but competitive environment has stood the test of time and is what makes FSB very unique.  These fundamentals have carried over into the  FSB's various iRacing ventures.

The name FSB was originally derived from an abbreviation of "Fresno" and "Shell Beach", two California cities where the founding drivers called home.  Jim Ray, Lars and Sven Fagerstrom in Fresno were joined by Milt Minter, Jr. and Dan Smith shortly after.  Ryan Swack in Shell Beach completed our first endurance sim-race after LAN events with NASCAR Racing 3. The league has not stopped or looked back since.

The FSB Endurance Racing Team was established in the early days of FSB by a core group of avid Redline-GTP mod drivers, many of whom have now also taken up iRacing.   After hosting
FSB league events in iRacing for multiple seasons, the Endurance Team's focus has shifted towards enjoying the events and series iRacing already has to offer.  BeelineSim's continued sponsorship of both the FSB Racing League and the Endurance Team has been instrumental in the team's growth over the years.